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Kindermusik Cuddle and Bounce

Birth to 15 months

Music Class For Babies: CUDDLE & BOUNCE

In Kindermusik baby music classes, we have unique learning experiences that can be adapted for any age. So whether your baby is a just a few weeks old, a few months, or a whole year of age, they'll love the together time with their parent, grandparent, or caregiver.

Music is one of your baby’s favorite things – AND it’s one of the best things for your baby’s developing mind. Babies’ brains are filled with billions of neurons just waiting to be connected through sensory stimulation. That’s what we do when we’re in Kindermusik: we offer a sensory rich environment, complete with music, movement and fun, to create and strengthen baby’s neural pathways.Each Kindermusik class touches on every learning domain, creates special bonding moments, and begins to instill a lifelong love of music.

Kindermusik Baby Music Classes

Young children newborn to age 2 are primarily in a receptive mode of learning. With you there to nurture and engage your child, a Kindermusik babies music class gives your little one the perfect head start, musically and developmentally.